Teacher Treat for Halloween

When you are putting together Halloween treats for your child's class, don't forget to include a special treat for the teacher.  Here's a "quick treat" you can put together in a few minutes.

Cute, right?

1) Start with a king size chocolate bar.
2) Wrap the bar in gauze or strips of cheese cloth... securing with tape or glue as you wrap it.
3) Use glue to attach two googly eyes.
4) Add a cute tag.

Putting some treats in an inexpensive Halloween wine glass is easy and fun too!

I'm sure your favorite teacher would love a little chocolate to help get through the afternoon. It's not a lot of effort, so why not take a few minutes to show a hard-working teacher that you appreciate all they do for your little one? Happy Halloween!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. I have been looking for cheese cloth all over the place since the summer - where do you find it?

    1. I got mine at the dollar store, but I have also seen it at the grocery store and Walmart. Check with the "canning" supplies.


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