10 Halloween Traditions for Kids

Holiday traditions are such an important part of childhood.  The things you do every year as a child are often the things you remember as an adult.  So, today I am sharing 10 of my family's favorite Halloween traditions.

1) Pumpkin Patch - Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch is something my boys really enjoy.  It is always lots of fun to watch the boys pick out the perfect pumpkins... and it's always a great photo op.  You can read about our pumpkin patch adventures here.

2) Booing - "Booing" involves leaving secret treats for the neighbours.  It is a fun tradition that my boys love!  You can download the free signs and instructions here.

3) Carving pumpkins and planting magic pumpkin seeds - Carving pumpkins is always a fun Halloween activity, and planting the "magic" seeds is something my boys have been doing for a couple of years.  You can read all about the magic here.

4) Halloween crafts - My boys love making seasonal crafts, and Halloween is no exception.  You can find tutorials for:  my Countdown to Halloween here and my ghost puppet here.

5) Halloween treats - My boys love to bake... and every year they love making yummy Halloween treats.  You can find 5 ideas for easy Halloween treats here.

6) Decorating for Halloween - Every year, the boys and I dig out our Halloween decorations and make our house spooktacular!  I let the boys pick out a few new things from the dollar store and they make a couple of things too.  If you are looking for a simple decoration for the kids to make, you can find the tutorial for this googly eye vase here.

7) Treats for classmates - Every year, my boys like to bring a special treat to school to share with their friends.  You can find a collection of 10 of our favorite Halloween class treats here.

8) Special lunches - I always pack a special school lunch on Halloween.  I add some cheesecloth and googly eye treats and include fun lunch box notes.  You can download some Halloween joke lunchbox notes here.

These pretzel brooms are cute too!

9) Book fairy - After trick-or-treating, the boys have a "candy draft", and then leave the remaining treats for the "book fairy".  You can read all about it here.

10) Pumpkin pizza for supper - The boys are always in a hurry to get in their costumes and head out the door, so a quick Halloween supper is a must.  This pumpkin pizza is easy... and lots of fun!

These are our 10 favorite Halloween Traditions.  I'd love to hear how you celebrate with your little ones.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Great traditions, we love family traditions as well! We always throw a family Halloween party for our friends and kids and attend an organized Haunted House!

    1. We have never done a haunted house with the kids... as my 6 year old is a bit of a "fraidy cat". Maybe next year! :-)

  2. Love this! You are so festive for Halloween! I'm going to have to adopt some of these!

    1. Thanks, Laura. The "boo"ing is definitely our favorite. :-)


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