Last Day of School {traditions}

Friday marked the last day of school for my six year old, and our summer is now offically underway!  :-)  Here's a peek at how it went down.

First, we went to get ice cream.  Here are pictures from this year and last year.  {Fun, right?}



Then, my six year old got to run through his "Grade One Finish Line" banner.  He really loved this!

I think traditions are an important part of childhood.  Do you have any "end of year" traditions with your little ones?


Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Love this idea, as a teacher I have my own rituals too, we always have a take out on the evening I finish & go out for a meal on the Sunday to celebrate no school the next day!!

    1. Fun! Great way to kick off summer vacation, Kierna! :-)

  2. I used window markers (from Crayola...really fun colors) and write on our van windows! "watch out 3rd grade, here comes Emma!" "Hey 5th grade...Morgan is coming your way!" Then I write on the rest of the van is out for the summer!

    My (now) 3rd grader loves it! My (now) 5th grader acts like she is too old for it but she hides the smile and walks around the van reading all the details!!

    They love it and we are the only ones at school that do it so it does make them feel special!

    1. You are the second reader that told me about writing on the windows of the van. I think I might need to get some window markers! :-) Such a fun idea!


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