Birthday Letter {to my five year old}

Today my "middle" son turns five.  It sounds so old... more like a little boy than a preschooler.  {big sigh}  I am amazed at how fast my boys are growing up, and so grateful for the opportunity to be part of their journey.

As you probably already know, I have a tradition of writing the boys a "Birthday Letter" each year on their birthdays.  It is my way of documenting and remembering the little details of my boys' personalities at different ages.  Here is a snapshot of my sweet "second born" son at five. 
To my sweet five year old boy,

Here are a few of the reasons why you are the most special five year old in the whole world...

  • You are very clever, and extremely funny.  {Daddy and I are always amazed and amused by the things that come out of your mouth.}
  • You are so excited about starting "Big School", and you were a superstar at your Preschool graduation.
  • When you grow up, you want to be a hockey player, a race car driver, and "parachuter".  {I think you might be trying to give me a heart attack!  lol}
  • You love playing with dogs, watching for birds, and picking up worms.  :-)
  • Your favorite shows are "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and "Wild Kratts", and your favorite color is "red".
  • You are very kind and generous.  If you have a special treat, you always give me a bite without me even having to ask.  {You also give sweet and gentle hugs and kisses.}
  • You are fun, full of personality, and people are drawn to you.  {I can totally see why!}
  • You still love your special "blankie", suck your thumb, and twirl your hair when you are tired.
  • You love to sing and dance, and you put all your emotions into every word and step.
You are a very special little boy.  Happy Birthday my kind-hearted sweetie!




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