End-of-Year {Gifts for Classmates}

I always like to let my boys bring little gifts to their friends at the end of the school year.  This year, we are going with three super-easy ideas.  {If you are interested in what they gave out last year, you can see the post here.} 

Here's what they are giving out to their little friends:

1)  A bag of chocolate chip cookies with a tag that says, "You are one smart COOKIE!

2)  A bag of teddy bear cookies with a tag that says, "Have a BEARY good summer!"

3)  Our Summer Checklist {which you can find here} rolled up like a scroll and tied with a ribbon.

So there you have it... three cute little gifts that are easy and inexpensive.  Do your kids like to bring presents or treats for their classmates?  What are some of your favorite ideas?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)
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  1. What fun gifts! My guy isn't in school yet, but I don't know if I would have thought of little gifts for his friends at the end of the year. These are easy and sweet! I also like the summer checklist...fun is waiting!

    1. It is fun when you can start doing this stuff with your kids, but they aren't little long, so enjoy this time. :-)


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