Butterfly Tree {from recycled cardboad}

How cute is this tree full of butterflies?  Isn't it perfect for Spring?  Hard to believe this beautiful tree full of butterflies was once an ugly cardboard box in my recycling bin.

Want to make one?

First, draw an outline of a tree on a cardboard box, and cut it out.  (I used an X-Acto knife, but I am sure scissors would work too.)  Then, cut a rectangle out of the cardboard box, and using a slit in the triangle and a slit in the tree trunk, attach it to the bottom of the tree.  (This is how the tree stands up.)

Now for the fun part!  Have the kids make leaves and butterflies, and attach them to the tree. 

To make the butterflies, cut a rectangle out of tissue paper, and have the kids decorate the wings.  Scrunch it up in the middle and twist a pipe cleaner around the middle.  The ends of the pipe cleaner will become antennae.

The leaves are just squares of green tissue paper scrunched up.  We attached the leaves with double sided tape, and we attached the butterflies with mini clothespins.

I am so please with how it turned out.  I think we might even change the decorations with the change in seasons.  :-)  

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. How cute is that? Makes me wish my kids were smaller ...

  2. This is a gorgeous idea. Love how this was once a cardboard box.

  3. Adorable idea! I'm sure the kids love to make the butterflies fly and move around the tree. Thanks for linking up at Discover & Explore this week - I've pinned you to our feature board.

  4. Love this! hope to persuade class teacher to allow us to make this with our children x


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