{Babyfood Jar} Tealight Holders

We made these tealight holders for Earth Day, but they are a perfect use for old babyfood jar any time of the year.  Cute, right?

All you need is a babyfood jar (cleaned out), some blue and green tissue paper, and some glue.  (You'll need to thin out the glue to the consistency of paint -- approximately 3 tbsp glue for each 1 tbsp water.)

Here's how easy it is to make one of these adorable tealights with your little one:

First, cut the tissue paper into little squares.  They don't have to be uniform or a certain size because they are going to be layered onto the jar.

Then, using a paintbrush, apply glue to a small section of the babyfood jar, and attach a piece of tissue paper.  Continue to apply glue and tissue paper until the entire jar is covered.

Finally, wait for the glue to dry, and then apply a thin coat of glue over the top of the tissue paper. 

My boys love making these, and you can change the colors to suit any occasion.  

Just make sure to never leave a child alone with a burning candle.  Battery operated tealights might be a safer choice.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy on facebook)

*Originally posted at Okanagan4Kids.com on April 17, 2012.


  1. Very simple and pretty!! They'd look good all lit up sitting out on the deck some evening.

  2. cute idea and like u said u can make them at anytime for different occasion.. one of my new project for sure...

  3. Hi There, Stopping by from KBN. I love your blog! You have some great ideas. Just added myself to your followers :)

  4. Hi there I was just into Dollarama in Yarmouth NS and they had packs of tissue paper precut into squares like this 3000 in 8 different colors for one dollar. I know they don't always have the same things but I thought I let you know I found them in the craft asile.
    April NS

    1. thanks so much! I just bought a pack last week. What a great idea, right? I can't wait to use them. :-)


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