Toilet Roll Bunnies

At Christmas we made snowmen out of toilet paper rolls, so we decided to dig in our recycling bin again and make some adorable bunnies for Easter.  It was so much fun that we made a whole herd of toilet roll bunnies.

Aren't they cute?  Here is how easy they are to make:

1)  Paint the toilet rolls white and allow to dry completely.

2)  Cut ears and feet from cardstock (see shapes below).  You can also color the insides of the ears pink.

3)  Use white glue to add eyes and a nose.  Then, use a black marker to draw a mouth and whiskers.  (You could also draw in paws and bow tie.  Let the kids be creative.)

4)  Use white glue to secure the ears and the feet.

5)  Finish by adding a pom pom for a tail.  Cute, right?  :-)

Who doesn't love a simple holiday craft?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. These turned out super cute! Thanks for linking up to TGIF - have a GREAT week =-)

  2. This project was one of the top projects of February! (Who knew people would be so ready for Easter so early?) Thanks so much for sharing these little cuties with AllFreeKidsCrafts!


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