Sucker Valentines

I am not a huge fan of suckers, but I couldn't resist making this adorable Valentine for my six year old to share with his classmates.  (I guess a sucker on Valentines Day isn't going to hurt.  :-)

The original concept for this idea, wasn't mine -- there are tons of versions on Pinterest.  For my simple version, I got my husband to hold up a dollar store tablecloth behind my six year old.  Then, I got him to pose like this.....

Next, I used an Exacto knife to cut two slits in the picture -- one on top of his fist and one on the bottom.  I inserted a sucker and "ta da", a super cute valentine.  My six year old can't wait to pass out these Valentines to his first grade friends!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Great idea! I may be borrowing this next year!

  2. Love these - I seen these on Pinterest too. They turned out great! Seen you on Tip Junkie.

  3. LOVE IT!! Come share it at my famous linkz party tomorrow!!

  4. Such a fun idea! Thanks so much for linking up to my Valentine Link Party!

  5. I'm thinking instead of the commercial valentines I'll be making these for my daughters Pre-k class. :D

    1. I think they are more fun... and they really are pretty easy to make! :-)


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