Milk Carton Bird Houses

We had so much fun making bird feeders (a few weeks ago), we decided to make some houses for our feathered friends out of old milk cartons.  Don't you just love rescuing stuff from your recycling bin and turning it into a great project?

This project is sooooooooo easy.  (I didn't even paint the birdhouses because I didn't want the paint washing off when I put them outside.

Here's how you can make one:

1)  Cut a hole {door} at the bottom of the container.

2)  Cut a slit in the back of the milk carton, and poke a stir stick through {to be used as a perch}.  Secure with tape.

3)  Cut two small holes at the top (one on each side) of the milk carton, and thread a pipe cleaner through.  Wrap the ends together at the top.

4)  Put some peanut butter and bird seed inside the house.  My boys loved this part... it's the messy part.  :-)

That's it!  Hang it on a tree branch, and wait for the birds to come.

Happy Bird Watching!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. So easy! And the critters will love it!

  2. Hi - Love the idea...was wondering if birds came and enjoyed?

    1. That is wonderul! I have store made suet in cages and a homemade bird feeder from water bottle up
      since July and nobody has come :( I will be trying your birdfeeder in hopes I can get
      some birds to come visit. Thank you for your great idea and pics! Did it take awhile for them to come?
      Ps I'm on the east coast too - tell your birds to come visit me:)


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