Simple (and cheap) Ways to Decorate a Door for Halloween

A blank door makes a perfect canvas for inexpensive Halloween decorating. With a few cheap supplies, you can create a vignette that makes a huge impact. Today, I am sharing my favorite easy and inexpensive ways to decorate a door for Halloween.

Creating a large shadowy piece of artwork is a fanastic door decorating option. I used a couple of pieces of bristol board to create this spooky forest scene. I drew it, cut it out, and attached it to the door with painter's tape. Cute, right?!?!

A white door makes a good "mummy" too. Use painter's tape to cover the door in strips of cheesecloth, and add a couple of googly eyes made from cardstock. I love this one!

Alternatively, you can just add a wreath to an interior or exterior door of your home. This is a DIY wreath I made from a pool noodle. It was easy to make, really inexpensive, and I love it! You can find the step by step instructions for this Halloween wreath here.

How are you decorating the doors in your home for Halloween? I hope you try one of my easy and inexpensive DIY ideas.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Wow! It's really a nice DIY ideat to decorate door of our houses for Halloween and thanks for sharing this idea about Simple (and cheap) Ways to Decorate a Door for Halloween.


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