Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Frame

Fall is the perfect time for crafting with kids. What is cuter than scarecrows and pumpkins? Today, I'm sharing a simple craft children (and their parents) will love... a popsicle stick pumpkin frame.

To make this adorable frame:

1) Paint 4 craft sticks with orange craft paint.
2) Glue the popsicles into a frame.
3) Cut a stem from brown paper and glue to the top of the pumpkin.
4) Glue a piece of curling ribbon to the bottom of the stem.

This little frame is perfect for a picture taken in a pumpkin patch. It would be adorable for a Halloween snapshot too!

I put magnets on the back of mine to attach it to the fridge, but you could hang it from a ribbon too. Cute, right?!?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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