Custom DIY Fall Decor... for less than $10

I love decorating my porch for summer, but when the temperatures start to drop, I feel the need for a little seasonal update. I know my Fall decor will quickly be replaced by Halloween (and then Christmas) decorations, so I like to keep my updates easy and inexpensive. Today, I am sharing a piece of custom DIY Fall decor that I made for just $7! 

I started with a $4 frame from the dollar store, a piece of fall-themed scrapbook paper, some craft paint and a bit of scrap ribbon.

I painted the monogram red and set it aside to dry.

Then, I cut the scrapbook paper to fit my frame and inserted it behind the glass.

When the letter was completely dry, I used hot blue to attach it to the middle of the frame.

To finish, I used hot glue to attach brown ribbon (for hanging) to the frame .

Pretty cute for $7, right?!? Here's the cost breakdown for the monogram:

Dollar store frame: $4
Scrapbook paper: $1
Pressed wood letter: $2
Craft paint... had on hand
Ribbon... had on hand

I love this adorable piece of decor, and it was an super-easy DIY. How do you update your decor for Fall? I'm always looking for new inspiration!

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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