DIY Camping Party... on a budget

I love a DIY party because (even thought it takes a little effort) it's memorable, unique and budget-friendly. My two youngest boys have July birthdays, so a "camping" theme was perfect for them. What's better than a party where kids run around outside, play games, and eat s'mores? You are going to love all the DIY details of this DIY camping-themed party. It's pretty special!

I started out by setting the stage with some simple DIY camping decor. I used (an online photo editing software) to create a photo banner for the entrance. I also created some simple signage and placed it in inexpensive dollar store frames.

I also used camping gear (that I already had) to add to the atmosphere.

We had a camp schedule that included: registration (signing in and guessing the number of jellybeans in the jar), a scavenger hunt, games, prize punch, cake and s'mores, making candy kabobs, and parent (and loot bag) pick up.

The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. I set up clues all around the neighbourhood, the kids broke into teams, and the race was on! There was a mixture of puzzles to be solved, activities to be completed, and clues to be found. I think this the highlight of the party for most of the kids.

After the teams completed the scavenger hunt, they were all allowed to claim a prize from the prize table.

Other popular activities at the party were: "guess the number of jellybeans" in the jar, make a candy kabob, and make a s'more.

And of course there was lots of camping party food set up on a dollar store checkered tablecloth.

We served: hot dogs, bug juice, camp candy, bears, campfire flames, and goldfish. Check out the cute little signs I made below.

Of course, we also had campfire cakes. I made a chocolate one for my middle son and a vanilla one for my youngest boy. (The logs are cookies, and the flames are fruit roll ups.)

Look at my sweet birthday boys and their wonderful smiles! I love these little faces.

My boys had a fantastic time celebrating with their birthdays with their friends. A camping-themed birthday party really works wonderfully for all ages.

When the kids left at the end of the party, they each chose a goodie from our prize punch and grabbed a balloon loot bag.

For another peek at our party, check out this short video I made.

I hope you love this DIY camping party as much as my boys and I did. A camping-themed birthday party has endless possibilities for activities, food, decor, and fun!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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