Tips for Setting Up a Successful SHARED Bedroom

Not everyone has a huge house, so for families with multiple kids, sharing rooms is a necessity. In my home, two of my boys share a room, and it was important to me that their room was organized, and both boys felt that they had their "own space". Today I am sharing my best tips setting up a SHARED bedroom.

1) Let the kids have input into the theme and design of the room. If the two kids have similar interests... go with that. My boys wanted a "hockey theme" for their room. I included some hockey items, but I also used neutral pieces to make the room feel more classic and grown up.

2) Keep organized with functional storage solutions (bins, baskets, and shoes racks). When kids are sharing a space, it's important to make sure systems are in place to keep things organized. My boys have baskets for their books, shelves with baskets for their "stuff", and a shoe rack on the back of their door to organize their LEGO.

3) Use DIY elements to define the space. DIY projects can really help to pull a space together, define a space, and add a personal touch. I created hockey sticks with names to hang at the heads of my boys heads. It's my favourite part of their room.

4) Give each child their own "side". Kids need their own space, so even if they share a room, they need areas that belong "just to them". In my boys room, one of my boys has shelving with his first jersey in a frame and space for his LEGO creations. My other son has a wall display of his first jersey, an enlarged picture of him playing hockey at the beach, and framed hockey cards (belonging to his favourite player).

I actually have space in my basement for another room (and I'll likely move one of my boys there at some point), but for now, I love the bond that they are building as roommates. They really like their room, and I love listening to them chat when they go to bed.

Do your children share a room? I hope some of my tips are helpful!

♥ Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS (If you are interested in reading more about my boys shared hockey bedroom on a budget, you can read about it here.)

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