5 Tips for Surviving a Trip to a Restaurant with Kids

Let's face it, going to a restaurant with kids is not always a pleasant experience. However, it is something that kids should experience, and sometimes it can't be avoided. So... today I am sharing 5 tips for surviving a trip to a restaurant with kids. You are going to love these simple tips and tricks!

1) Pick the right restaurant - If your kids are picky eaters, pick establishments that offer kid friendly good.  Choosing restaurants that cater to children is also helpful because you won't have to worry about annoying the people around you.

2) Order quickly - Kids are not designed to sit in confined spaces for long periods of time, so the faster you order, the better.

3) Talk to the kids - It's a perfect opportunity to give them your undivided attention.  Leave the iPhone in your pocket, and ask them about their little world.

4) Bring a few small toys in your purse - Bring what works for your little ones.  Cars, crayons and paper are always helpful... and quiet.

5) Have a few games up your sleeve. Some good ones to try are:

  • I-Spy - Everyone knows this classic, and it is easy to play anywhere. Pick an object in the room, say "I spy something (insert colour)", and let everyone guess.
  • Guess the Animal - Give clues about an animal (like it has four legs, it wags its tail, it barks, etc...), and let people try to guess the animal.
  • What Hand is the coin or sugar packet in - It's a simple game, but it passes the time, and kids love it.
These are all simple ideas for surviving a trip to a restaurant with kids, but they really work. What are your best tips?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


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