Birthday Letter to my Middle Son on his 11th Birthday

My boys' baby books did not get filled out (due to the fact that I had three boys in three and a half years), so when they were little, I started writing letters to them on their birthdays. My hope is that the letters will capture the unique things about their personalities that I never want to forget. Today, I am sharing the birthday letter I wrote for my middle son on his 11th birthday.

My sweet and spunky boy,

As you move too quickly toward your teenage years, I remember your adorable baby face, your crazy toddler hair and the kind boy are you right now. You draw people in with your easy-going personality, and I could not be more proud to be your mother. Here are a few things that make you the special boy that you are:

  • You are friends with everyone. (You get invited to more birthday parties than anyone I have ever met.) People love to be around you, and you love to surround yourself with people.
  • You have a smile that lights up your face, and you always have a twinkle in your eye. I think it's my favourite thing about you.
  • You love to be moving. You enjoy hockey, golf, softball, tag, man-tracker, riding your bike, and more!
  • You love playing hockey with your team, and you love playing street hockey with your brothers.
  • Listening to music is one of your favourite things to do. You make great playlists, and you know the words to a lot of songs.
  • You are really smart, and you enjoy figuring things out and building things. You love LEGO.
  • You take your time with everything. It takes you forever to do your homework... but when you are done, it is perfect. You also take a long time to transition to a new activity. "Just a few more minutes" is one of your favourite lines! lol
  • You love to cuddle. When I went on class trips with you this year, you weren't at all embarrassed to sit with me and give me hugs. I hope I have a few more years before you don't want to be seen with me! :-)
You can be very stubborn, and when you set your mind to something, it is not easy to change it... but although it can drive me crazy, it is a quality that I know will serve you well in life. I love you (and your sweet smile and perfect hugs) more than I can express in words. 




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    1. Thanks! It really is one if my favourite traditions.

  2. So sweet! Thank you for sharing!
    And happy birthday to your sweet son!

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