DIY Gift (using dollar store socks)

Recently I saw some cute socks at a craft show, and I instantly wanted to make my own DIY version. Today I am sharing the easy and inexpensive way I transformed dollar store socks into an adorable gift.

To make these fun socks, you are going to need: dollar store socks, cardboard from an empty cereal box, and dimensional fabric paint. 


1) Cut two pieces of cardboard to the width of the recipient's foot, and insert them into the socks. This will give you a flat and easy-to-work-with surface to write on.

2) Write your message on the socks.

3) Allow the fabric paint to dry according to package directions. My paint said to leave it for 4 hours, but I left mine overnight to be safe.

4) That's it!

This craft could easily be adapted for anyone based on their interests. What about?

If you can read this, bring me beer.
If you can read this, bring me coffee.
If you can read this, bring me cookies.
If you can read this, bring me chocolate.
If you can read this, bring me a book.
If you can read this, bring me a crossword puzzle.
If you can read this, go bug daddy.

Fun, right?

I am loving these socks. I wonder if anyone will bring me wine if I wear them?

Can you think of someone that would enjoy receiving these DIY socks as a gift? What would you write on them?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. These DIY socks are cute! I am going to make myself a sock after I saw some funny socks online.

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