Simple Skittles Science Experiment

Teaching kids about science is really about encouraging questions and making observations. I love simple science experiments, don't you? Today I am sharing a fun Skittles science experiment that my sister shared with me. My boys loved it, and I am sure your little ones will enjoy it too.

To make a Skittles rainbow:

1) Line the Skittles on a plate.
2) Add warm water to the middle of the plate.
3) Watch the rainbow appear.

Check out this time lapse video that shows the cool effect.

If you enjoy exploring science activities with your kids, you can check out 15 simple science experiments for kids hereIf you have never done an experiment with your kids, I guarantee they will love creating a Skittles rainbow. Have fun!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. My grandkids had a blast doing this. Thanks

  2. really good for science projects really cool


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