Fantastic Ideas for LEFTOVER Halloween Candy

I always buy too much Halloween candy, and my boys bring home a ton of goodies from trick-or-treating. Like other parents, on November 1st, I am always wondering, “What do I do with all the Halloween candy?” Today, I am sharing a few clever ideas for LEFTOVER Halloween Candy.

1) Leave it for the book fairyOur go-to solution has always been leaving a bunch of candy for the “Book Fairy”. My boys each fill a Ziploc bag with their favorite treats. Then, we leave the rest of the goodies by our front door. In the morning, the treats are gone, and the boys discover that the Book Fairy has left them new books. She has also been known to leave some new costumes for their dress up box. (I imagine that she gets fantastic deals on costumes when they go on sale after Halloween!)

2) Bake with it - You can add Smarties or chopped up chocolate bars to your favorite cookie or banana bread recipe, or try my simple Halloween Candy Bark recipe here.

3) Get rid of it - Donate it, bring it to the office, or share it with friends.

4) Ration it - Hide it and bring it out a little at a time. We often use it for our Friday family movie night, or special school lunch treats. 

5) Celebrate with it - If you have a birthday coming up, it is perfect for party treats, loot bags, or filling a piƱata. You can also use it to make a Christmas candy countdown. Fun, right?

6) Learn from it - If your kids have Skittles in their treat bags, you should try this simple (and memorizing) Skittles science experiment. Get the full "how to" here.

Halloween is a fun time of year for kids, but managing the avalanche of candy can be a challenge for parents. I hope these tips are helpful. What do you do with all your leftover Halloween treats?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. I use to freeze all the candies and take them out at Christmas time. That was what we used to make our gingerbread house decorations.


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