Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Decor

Nothing sets the mood for a party better than unique and clever party signage.  Today I am sharing the fun, easy and inexpensive DIY pirate party signage that I make for my 5 year old's Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.

1) X Marks the Spot - To make this high impact sign for my front door, I painted two scraps of wood bright red.  Then, I attached them together with hot glue in the shape of an X.  I also added a ribbon (for hanging) with hot glue.  It doesn't get much easier than this one!

2) Welcome to Neverland Isle - I think this "pool noodle" palm tree was my little birthday boy's favorite sign.  To make it, I just covered a pool noodle with brown paper and added bristol board leaves and coconuts.  I also added a little wooden dollar store sign that said "Welcome to Neverland Isle".  (I just wrote it with a Sharpie!)

3) Pirate Treasure Map- I wanted to make a little sign that let the guests know what we would be doing at the party, so I made this simple pirate treasure map.  I ripped open a brown paper lunch bag, crumpled it up, and used makers and stickers to add the party activities.  Cute, right?

4) Signs for Stations - To keep the party running smoothly, I used my computer, some stickers, and some dollar store frames to create signs for the different "stations"/activities at the party.  Per below, we had Smee's Tattoo Parlor and Tinkerbell's Jewelry Making Station.

5) Jake's Hideout - During our party, we had a treasure hunt, and the last clue led the party guests to "Jake's Hideout".  I make a sign for our playhouse using a dollar store wooden plaque hot glued to a piece of scrap wood.  I decorated the sign with Sharpies, stickers and a skull I drew on a piece of white cardstock.  I really loved how this one turned out!  (You can download the skull I designed here.)

6) 8X10s from our Disney trip - To add a personal touch to the party, I printed 8X10s of Peter Pan and Jake (with my boys) from our recent trip to Disney.  They looked really cute sitting in our hallway in dollar store frames.

7) Tinker Bell - To add a touch of whimsey to the decor, I decided to include our favorite fairy. I bought a dollarstore candle holder for a "cage", and I taped a picture of Tinkerbell inside.  Then, I set it beside an 8X10 of the "real" Tinkerbell (that I took on our last trip to Disney).

8) Banner - Every party needs a "banner", and this one is super cute.  I used card stock, dollar store letters, a piece of twine, and a hole punch to create this adorable "Ahoy Mateys!" banner.

9) Peter Pan Silhouettes - I love the story of Peter Pan, so this sign was special to me.  I used coloring book pictures as templates to cut these "shadows" from black cardstock.  Aren't they sweet?

I thought all the pirate party signage turned out great, and it was all simple and inexpensive.  Which was your favorite part of my Jakc and the Neverland Pirates Party decor?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. LOVE the silhouette window pictures. Going to give that a try!!! Full of fun ideas and great decorations :)

  2. Love the tattoo parlor and jewelry making signs!


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