Cowboy Fun

My boys love dressing up and using their imaginations... so a few weeks ago, we had a Cowboy Day.  These ideas would also be great for a simple DIY Cowboy Party.

We started by making some "Wanted" posters.  I used my computer to make simple posters using pictures of the boys.  If you were having a cowboy party, you could make posters using photos of all the party guests.

You can leave the posters "as is", or you an make them look older by ripping the edges, crumpling them up, dipping them in tea, and allowing them to dry completely.

We had some cowboy hats from the dollar store in our dress up box, but the boys wanted some cowboy belts, so we got creative with some old cereal boxes.

I cut out belts and buckles from a cereal box, and the boys used crayons and markers to decorate them.  I taped the pieces together, and added slits on the ends so that the boys could easily put the belts on themselves.

We had a great day... and seriously.... don't my boys make the cutest cowboys?

I think this would be a great theme for a simple DIY birthday party.  Doesn't everyone love pretending to be a cowboy?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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