5 Simple Summer Crafts

Sometimes a "quick and easy" craft is exactly what little ones need on a summer afternoon.  These 5 cute and simple crafts that my boys made at camp are perfect to keep little hands busy.

Suncatcher:  This one involves glue, so my boys loved it.  Pour a thin layer of white glue into a plastic lid, add some "treasures", and allow to dry completely.  Peel out the suncatcher, attach a string, and hang it in a window.

Magnet Movers:  Draw a road on a piece of paper.  Then take two "attracting magnets" and attach one to a pom pom creature, and one to a folded paper "handle".  Put the creature on the top of the paper and the other magnet on the bottom of the paper.  The kids will have a great time moving the pom pom creatures around "like magic".

Noisemaker {Kazoo}:  Decorate a toilet paper roll, and secure some wax paper to the top with an elastic.  Easy Peasy!

Silly Frog:  Draw a simple frog on card stock, color it and cut it out.  Then, cut a slit for a party favor "tongue".  Simple and silly!

Handprint Art:  The possibilities for handprint art are endless, but this little crab is adorable.  Cover two little hands in red paint, press to paper and add a couple of googly eyes.

Have you ever made any of these?  I remember a couple of them from my childhood.  :-)


Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Wanted to let you know we tried the suncatchers while at a cottage and they were a big hit with the 3, 5, and 6 yr olds. We only had small plastic plates so they ended up pretty large and took longer to dry (the rest of the week) but it was also rainy. We'll try the smaller lids next time. Anyway they loved it and now it's a fun keepsake from our vacation. Thanks!

    1. That's fantastic! Thanks so much for taking the time to write me such a sweet note. :-)


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