Googly Eye Vase

I saw a cute {googly eye covered} frame at A Diamond in the Stuff, and I knew I had to make something out of googly eyes with my four year old.  He just loves googly eyes and glue!

We decided to make a "spooky" vase for the flowers we grew together this summer.  So... we gathered our supplies:  a tin can (washed out), orange construction paper, glue, googly eyes, and tape.


1)  We cut a piece of orange construction paper big enough to cover the can, and we taped it in place.

2)  My son started gluing on tons of googly eyes.  {Bonus - This kept him busy and happy for 20 minutes!}

3)  We let it dry overnight, and filled it with flowers.

This was such an easy craft, and my son loves his "spooky" googly eye vase.  In fact, his older brother wants to make one using black construction paper this weekend.

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Love it but I feel like someone is looking at me...

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