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Giveaway CLOSED.  The winner is Comment # 10
Amanda (

OK... I need to confess... I don't spend nearly enough time cleaning my house.  If you come visit me, you are likely to find toys all over my floor, and my beds may be unmade {gasp!}.  (I sure hope my mother doesn't read this.  :-)

However... I  am very organized, so when Brother Canada sent me a P-Touch PT-1100SBVP Labeller to review, I was super excited!

I tested it by labelling my son's school supplies, but I plan on using it to organize my craft room in the very near future.  It will also come in handy if I ever get around to some scrap-booking projects on my "to do" list because it comes with Acid Free Tape. 

The test:  I initially printed some labels on my home computer, but they started to peel off after a couple of hours.  So, I relabelled everything with my new labeller, and it was awesome.  Not only did they stick really well, but they had cute borders and designs that my son could choose from.  Check it out:

WITHOUT my new labeller
WITH my new labeller
One happy customer!
So... here is the best part.  I have one to give away to one of my readers.  Just comment below (with your email address if you aren't logged in), and let me know how you would use your new label maker.  Pretty easy, right?  Good luck!

Rules {I am a mom... I can't help it}:
  1. The winner of the contest will be chosen by the Random Number Generator.
  2. To enter the contest, you must leave me a comment telling me what you would do with your Brother labeller.  Contest is open to Canadian residents only.
  3. This contest is not being hosted or sanctioned in any way by facebook.
  4. Contest closes on September 11, 2011 at 11:59pm.
  5. Prize will be accepted as awarded.
  6. Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond.  After 48 hours the prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be selected.
Please note:  I was provided with this product (free of charge) for reviewing purposes only.  No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are 100% my own.

For further information on the labeller, please visit

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. I would use mine to label my daughters things stating she is allergic to Milk and other things. :)

  2. would u it for all my little man cup and if it clothes .. books and and other of my sons stuff.. for all of my organization that i want to do.. on bins for now that all i could think about..


  3. I have two little ones starting school this year I would use this to label
    Everything they take to school so nothing gets lost
    This would make labeling a whole lot easier

  4. Seanamac@gmail.com4 September 2011 at 00:13

    Oh, I so need a labeller! I would use it to label the too many boxes of old clothes that belong to my girls that I don't have the heart to part with yet! Labelling them would be awesome!!

  5. Ooooh, I would love this to stick labels on EVERYTHING lol. We are moving into our new house, so I would go crazy with organizing. The boys rooms and my sewing room would never be so neat and tidy:)

  6. I would use this to organize the kids toys, old clothes bins and my pantry! I love the idea of having labels to help with organizing our home! :)

  7. I would probably use it to label bins of craft supplies and toys, that way my kids can always know where they should be putting things away.

  8. I would label rubbermaid and bin in my house! Oh the joy it would bring!


  9. I would love to use to label the homemade baby food that I make and freeze or pre-made meals to freeze. As well, this would be super handy for labeling items stored away (i.e. baby clothes, xmas items).

  10. This is exactally what I need! I have a little guy who is going to pre-school this year, and it would be perfect to label his things to make sure they return after his busy days! Also I recently started my own at home business and have been having trouble organizing my paper work and supplies. This would be an answer to prayer! Glad for anyone to get this awesome prize, but it would sure help get so many things in my life in order! And thank you for so many great ideas! Amanda-

  11. I have four great kids , and i would use it to label all of there school and daycare supplies, all house hold items that i store away, Halloween , xmas supplies, ect...My husband flies alot , i would also label his belongings so he can find them, as he is a typical male...thanks so much for your blog i really enjoy it , it is very helpful and fun
    Cher MacInnis

  12. What wouldn't I use it for!! I would label all my kids stuff, my craft containers, my freezer jams and other preserves, my storage totes oh, the list could just go on and on!! Thanks, Stephanie B.

  13. I have two young sons and would use it to label their belongings for preschool and school. I also have handwritten labels on craft bins that would look better printed!
    Joanne Roberts

  14. I have been admiring these machines and wondering what they were like. I think I would find uses in just about every room of my house! Toys, clothes, crafts, office supplies, kitchen cupboards, dance clothes/shoes, school many great uses!

  15. I would use it to label all the stuff that I need to store. I would also use it as a way to help my step kids know where things are supposed to go.

  16. OOOh, that looks awesome! I love the border option. I would use it to label the kids toys/crafty stuff, as well as the things they bring to school. I'd also use it WITH my kids as a fun way to practice spelling/reading skills.


  17. I would use it to organize and label everything in my craft area...which needs a huge overhaul after a busy summer! And of course getting the kids ready for school! And using it to remind the family where everything belongs...I'm sure I could find a million more uses!


  18. I would use it to label bins of clothes, school supplies, their containers of toys (so they would know where to put them back, ha ha!) and much much more. Pick me please :)


  19. I have asked for a label maker every year for Christmas for the past 4 years.... husband wont buy me one as he fears the whole house will be labeled when I get my hands on one! The ways I would use this are endless! Would love to win this!!!

  20. I would go crazy with it!!! I would use it for my kids stuff for school & daycare, for my business files, product samples and my husband to this day writes his name on everything he owns!!! He would love it!!!

  21. I would label sporting equipment and everything else that goes out of the house with my three monkeys!!!

  22. I absolutely LOVE to organize! I've even asked my friends if I could go over to their house and organize their messiest junk drawer! (crazy, I know!) My storage room is filled with tubs. Despite it being organized, I'd love to label them to know what's inside b/c they're not all clear tubs. So I'd do that! And tackle the kids' belongings too.


  23. I am a nerd... I would label most everything in my house... craft supplies, my daughters belongings... We have a lot of clothes for her to grow into so I could use it to label sizes.. seasons.. :) Thanks for offering this as a prize - very generous of you :)


  24. I love labels! I would totally use this for labelling storage containers, lunch containers, sippy cups, beach toys...the list is endless!
    Jenny @

  25. Hello!

    I'd love to organize my life and this Brother labeller is just the tool to tackle the job!

    Thanks for the great blog - I enjoy reading it and find it very informative!

  26. I would organize the whole house starting in the office and then the storage room and some of my school aged boys stuff too. great givaway!
    momvstheboys at gmail dot com

  27. I would use mine to lable my toy/craft bins and all the childrens things that go to school
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  28. I could certainly use this in my classroom and at home to keep my kids' things organized!

  29. I would use it to label all of my daughters books ,school supplies movies..

  30. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would use the Brother labeler to label the kid's school items. It looks really easy to use.

    I could also use it to label items in the freezer so I know what date the food was frozen.


  31. This labeler looks so cool! I would use it for labeling toys and for items used for daycare (sippy cups, wipes cases, etc.) This would be so handy!

  32. That would come in so handy! I would use it to label my first grader's belongings as I find the method we use now (Sharpie anyone!?) tends to wear off after a few months of heavy use and he tends to forget where he puts things at school so labels are critical!! :)

  33. If I had a label maker I would label the shelves in my linen closet for the different sized sheets so my husband would no longer have an excuse for not helping make the beds cause he doesn't know which sheets go on which bed - :)

    I would also use it for all my kids school stuff - but also some common items around our house to help them learn to start recognizing words.

  34. I would use it to label my son's school supplies too! What a great idea!! I'm sure I would use it for many other things too :D

  35. What a great prize!! I would use it to label everything kid related in the house, especially the items that leave the house on a regular basis.

  36. I would use it for so many things! I have a small business, so I would use it to price my products at craft shows. I would use it to organize my sewing room, my daughters craft area, my husbands spice cupboard...everything!

  37. Contest Closed....

    And the Winner is (as chosen by Comment #10

    Anonymous said...

    This is exactally what I need! I have a little guy who is going to pre-school this year, and it would be perfect to label his things to make sure they return after his busy days! Also I recently started my own at home business and have been having trouble organizing my paper work and supplies. This would be an answer to prayer! Glad for anyone to get this awesome prize, but it would sure help get so many things in my life in order! And thank you for so many great ideas! Amanda-

  38. I would use the labeller to put my Kindergartener's name on all of her school stuff -- including (read especially) her shoes!!
    pjkmitchell at hotmail dot com


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