DIY Peter Pan Costume

My oldest son decided that he wanted to be Peter Pan this year for Halloween, so today, I am sharing the tutorial for his DIY Peter Pan Costume.

Didn't it turn out cute?  I started by making a Peter Pan tunic out of a green t-shirt from the dollar store.  I used tape to mark where I wanted to cut, and then I cut zig zags from the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.  Then, I cut a slit for the collar and pinned it down.

I also cut zig zags out of the bottom of a pair of green shorts I found on the clearance rack at Walmart.  

I couldn't find green tights for under the shorts, so I bought a white pair from the dollar store, and I dyed them with food coloring and green kool aid.  I boiled them on top of the stove, stirred them around, removed them from the heat, rinsed them with cold water, and hung them to dry.

Then, I made a simple hat from green felt, and I added a red feather with hot glue.  {I hand-stitched mine, but fabric glue would work well if you want a no-sew version.}

To finish the look, I added a brown belt from the dollar store and a sword from our dress up box.

My 8 year old is very pleased with his Halloween costume, and I like that it was easy and inexpensive to make.  What do you think of our DIY Peter Pan costume?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS (You can find MORE no-sew costume ideas here.)


  1. I love this costume! Great job!

  2. exactly the tips i needed!!! thanks!!

  3. So loving this. Will make mine soon! Thanks for the tips

  4. Very nice... Thanks, I was hoping to find out an easy way to make it

  5. Thanks. I like it. I’m gonna try making one!

  6. Total life saver, my kid decided to be Peter pan three days before book character day


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