Spare Sock Snowman

I am in love with the adorable little craft that I am sharing today. This sweet snowman is made from a single white sock and a few other basic supplies. Adults and kids will enjoy making this spare sock snowman, and it is really simple to create using my step-by-step tutorial.

To make your own spare sock snowman, follow the pictures and instructions below.

1) Start with a plain white sock, and fill the toe with split peas (or something else that will give it some weight and keep it sturdy). Secure with an elastic.

2) Add some cotton filling for the head, and secure with an elastic.

3) Fold the top of the sock down to form a hat.

4) Use glue to add a pom pom to the hat, googly eyes, a felt carrot nose, and buttons. I used tacky glue that is suitable for use with fabric.

5) Draw a mouth with a permanent marker.

6) Cut a strip of felt to make a scarf, tie it around the snowman's neck, and use scissors to fringe the ends.

Don't you just love how cute this little guy is? He really was simple to make, and a spare sock has never looked so good!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Wow, so cute snowman, love your sharing

  2. So cute. Can't wait for my after-school bunch to make!!!!!


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