Simple Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafting is a great way to spend time with kids. My boys love creating and looking back at all the their past holiday creations. Today I am sharing a few simple Christmas crafts that don't require a lot of craftiness or special materials. (You likely already have everything you need in your craft cupboard.)

To make the Paper Santa:

1) Start with a red triangular piece of construction paper.
2) Cut the top from a white cupcake liner, and glue it to the triangle with white glue.
3) Cut a circle from card-stock for the face, and use glue to attach it.
4) Cut a belt and gloves from black paper, and attach with glue.
5) Finish by adding googly eyes, a paper moustache, buttons, and cotton.

To make the Paper Strip Tree:

1) Start with a sturdy piece of paper. (I used yellow cardstock.)
2) Cut strips of paper in various colors and lengths.
3) Glue the strips to the card-stock.
4) Add a glittery star sticker to the top of the tree.

To make the Sock Snowman: 

You'll need: a single white sock, some peas or rice, felt, a pom pom, googly eyes, elastics, cotton, buttons, and the step-by-step tutorial that you can find here.

And if you are still feeling crafty, you can check out more simple Christmas crafts here.

Making Christmas crafts with kids is a fabulous tradition. You can use them for gifts, use them to decorate, or simply take them out each year as treasured keepsakes. I remember creating holiday crafts as a child, and now I love making them with my boys each year. Happy Crafting!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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