2023 Christmas Finds for LESS

When it comes to saving money, prepping EARLY for Christmas is key. I also love to stock up on dollar store finds before they are all sold out. Today, I'm sharing some of my favourite 2023 Christmas dollar store finds.

Check out my list below... or take a closer look by watching the video I made here:

1) These LED lights are great. They come with a remote, so you can change them into any Christmas colour you like. They are fantastic plain, but they are also a great surface for Cricut decals. I'm planning to add a nativity scene to mine.

2) Reindeer are super trendy this year, and these dollar store reindeer ornaments are super-cute. I'm planning to paint mine with black spray paint for a high-end look.

3) These snow globes are cheap and super cute. The DIY possibilities are endless. I bought a bunch, and I have some fun plans for them, so stay tuned. 😉

4) I've been seeing a lot of "bell" décor in high-end stores this year, but it's quite pricey. I have a plan to DIY my own bells using these dollar store supplies. I think it's going to be great! :-)

5) Kleenex boxes look ugly and can take away from the look of Christmas décor. That's why I love this plain white kleenex box cover. Cute, right? You could also DIY these boxes. You could add a monogram... or you could add something with a Christmas theme.

6) Bottle brush trees are versatile and inexpensive. I love these beige ones with a wooden vase. They look great on a tiered tray, and they are fantastic for DIYs.

7) I love lights that add a nice glow to décor. These dollar store lanterns are a great size, look fantastic, and add a festive glow to the holidays.

8) The dollar store has really fun wrapping paper options, but the good ones sell out quickly... so make sure to grab your favourites right away. Here are the ones I bought...

9) You don't have to be a child to have fun with a toy train. I found this one at the dollar store, and it's a great size. I plan to put it around the base of my tree. 

Which of these 2023 Christmas bargains is your favourite? I love getting ready for Christmas early so I can relax when the holiday season arrives. Where do you fall -- team "early" or team "last minute"?

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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