Back to School Crafts & DIYs... made using dollar store supplies

Back to school is a special time for kids and adults. It marks a new beginning, and a time to get organized. To make the milestone special, I have some fantastic back to school crafts and DIYs to share today.


1) Desk storage - Use a dollar store container or a can from the recycling bin to make store for office and school supplies. Find the full instructions here.

2) Pencil toppers - All you need are pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pom poms to make these adorable pencil toppers. Check out the instructions here.

And the pencils look adorable in the DIY storage container.

3) Personalized binder - Kids can personalize binders with stickers or pictures. Check out how easy it is to do here.

4) Custom Journal - Everyone needs a place to keep track of homework or jot down "to do" lists. I love the idea of using a personalized journal. It's easy (and inexpensive) to make using the instructions here.

5) Personalized pencil case - Dollar store pencil cases can easily be personalized with decals and stickers. Check out how I made mine here.

Seriously... how cute are these supplies?????

6) DIY (and budget-friendly) photo props - Everyone takes photos on the first day of school, and I have some great ideas for special pictures here.

For a closer look at all my back to school crafts and DIYs, check out the video below...

I hope you like these ideas. Let me know your favourite in the comments. 😀

 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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