10 AMAZING dollar store finds, hacks and diys for SUMMER

I love summer, and living well on a budget, don't you??? If you answered "yes" you are going to really enjoy this post and video. Today, I'm sharing 10 AMAZING dollar store finds, hacks and diys for SUMMER.

1) DIY Solar-Powered Lamp - I love this cute little lamp, and it's perfect for summer patios. It's also super-easy to make with a few cheap supplies from the dollar store. Find the step-by-step instructions here.

2) Summer entertaining hack - Dishes from the dollar store are perfect for summer entertaining. They are cheap... but they don't need to look it! Pop a margarita glass in the center of a bowl for an impressive way to serve chips and dip. Get a closer look here.

3) Hack for keeping food cold when entertaining this summer - Add water to the bottom of a dollar store bowl, freeze it, and insert a second (identical) bowl on top. Fill it with food, and your good to go! See a visual demonstration here.

4) DIY First Aid Kit - Summer adventures are often accompanied with bumps and bruises, so having basic first aid items ready at all times is advisable. I love grabbing a plastic container at the dollar store and filling it with supplies. I also use duct tape to add a cross to the top to make it recognizable. Find out more here.

5) Water Fight Supplies - The dollar store has everything you need for summer water fights. I love these balloons, but for a more environmentally option, consider cutting sponges into strips and securing the centres together with an elastic. Then, you can dip the sponge balls in water and throw. Both options are perfect on a hot summer day!

6) Wipes - Baby wipes are perfect to have on hand during summer. They are perfect for picnics and for wiping sticky fingers when kids are eating s'mores.

7) Wasp deterent - I've bought these paper wasp nests at the dollar store for years, and I swear they work. I have no idea what crazy science makes these effective, but I'm a believer!

8) Cupcake wrappers - Everyone has cupcake wrappers for making cupcakes and muffins, but they have other uses too. Poke a hole in the middle, pop in a straw, and use them to keep flies out of summer drinks. They also work for catching popsicle stick drips.

9) Custom roasting sticks - Campfires are made for roasting, and these customized sticks are inexpensive and easy to make. Find the "how to" instructions here.

10) Candy tray - I love a simple, summer candy tray. I made this one from a dollar store picture frame, and you can find the "how to" here.

For a closer look at all 10 AMAZING dollar store finds, hacks, and diys for SUMMER, check out the video below.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite summer HACK. I love learning new things!

Gina Bell
 (aka East Coast Mommy)

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