5 Ways to Save Money on CHRISTMAS DECOR by DIYing Things you Already have in your Home

Who doesn't love saving money? And what better way to save money during the holiday season than using stuff you already have to decorate your home? Check out these 5 budget friendly DIYs!

1) Use glass vases/jars/containers/bowls - Everyone has a glass vessels in their home, and they are easy to transform into Christmas decor. I added Epson salts and glitter to this jar, and then I added bottle brush trees, mini lights, and a fun ornament. Cute, right?

2) Use greenery - We had a lot of fallen branches and trees in our back yard, and I harvested what I needed to make an arrangement. I added a few dollar store picks, and inserted everything in a pot of soil I had leftover from my Fall mom. I can't believe this gorgeous arrangement only cost me a few dollars!

3) Raid the recycling bin - How cute are these fake cookies? I cut house shapes from an old cardboard boxese, and I added "icing" with a white chalk marker. They look cute on a plate, but they also look nice strung up on a piece of twine.

4) Use existing artwork in your home - My walls are filled with artwork, so it's fun to add a Christmas spin to them. You can wrap them like presents, or change out the artwork to something with a Christmas theme. You can grab some free "Movie Quotes" that I designed here.

For a closer look (and more step by step instructions, check out the video below.

I love this these ideas, don't you? Let me know your favourite in the comments. 

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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