5 NEW easy and budget-friendly HALLOWEEN ideas (Dollarama finds and DIYs)

I am obsessed with simple, budget-friendly holiday decor, and I have 5 NEW (and fantastic) ideas to share today. If you like awesome finds and DIYs, you are going to love these!

1) This baby doll head is totally creepy... but also cute. lol I added a light to the inside to make it extra spooky!

2) I found a super-cute purple witch broom at my local dollar store, so I thought I'd set up a "witch broom parking" vignette. I cut a sign from a piece of dollar store foam core, and then I covered the sign with dollar store contact paper. I used my Cricut to add writing, and framed the sign with black electrical tape.

I inserted the sign into the top of a dollar store "over the door" coat rack, and then I added brooms and witch clothing. Cute, right?!?

3) I have used these dollar store cloches is a few DIYs, and I love how versitile they are.

For Halloween, I filled the cloche with the insides of a dollar store pillow, and then I added a nose and mouth (which I cut out with my Cricut). The result is this adorable ghost.

4) I found this screaming doormat sensor at my local dollar store, and I think it's a lot of fun. I can't wait to add it to my Halloween decor.

5) For Fall, I had a lot of fun DIYing with seasonal window clings, so I thought I'd make some similar artwork for Halloween. I started with a double paned floating frame from Dollarama, and I put a spooky window cling in the centre. It took less than a minute, but the result is super-cool.

For a closer look at all the products and DIYs, check out the YouTube video below.

Do you like decorating for Halloween? What do you think of these 5 dollar store DIYs and finds? Let me know your favourite in the comments below.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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