5 clever Plastic Cup HACKS

Plastic cups are inexpensive, and they are useful for more than drinking. I love that they come in different colours now too, so they can match your party theme / project vision. Check out these clever ways to use plastic cups.

1) Cut a hole in the bottom, and use them to protect little hands from sparklers

2) Use them for DIY party games. For example, they can be stacked at a carnival party for a good game of "knock down" or for "target practice" at a NERF party.

3) Make an inexpensive prize punch using plastic cups, foam core and tissue paper. Find the instructions and more examples of prize punch designs here.

4) Use plastic cups as gift packaging. Fill with treats and / or gift cards, wrap with cellophane and ribbon, and add a fun tag. (Check out the teacher gift idea here, and the Christmas gift idea here.

5) Use to make toys for kids. Who wouldn't love these simple pirate hooks made from plastic cups and tin foil. (Find the full tutorial for plastic cup pirate hooks here.)

And you can even turn the hooks into a party game. Check out the plastic cup pirate hook toss instructions here.

Aren't these plastic cup hacks fun? The prize punch is my favourite, but they are all fantastic. Do you have an idea to add? Leave it below. I'm always looking for new easy and inexpensive ways to have fun with my family.

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