10 Gift Ideas for DADS (under $100)

Let's be honest, Dads are incredibly special... AND incredibly hard to buy gifts for. But don't worry, today I am sharing 10 fantastic gifts ideas for DADS, and you are guaranteed to find something perfect for the special man in your life!

Note: I was NOT paid to include any items in this list. All 10 gift ideas for DADS are items that I thought would make wonderful presents. However, I have included a few affiliate links, so if you decide to buy a product using one of my affiliate links, I will receive a few cents from the sale. Thanks for helping support all the free content I provide via this blog.

1) For the Dad who can never find his keys - If your Dad has ever uttered the words "Have you seen my .......?", this is the perfect gift. These tiles are great for locating keys, wallets, phones, etc..., and you can buy them here.

2) For the Dad who loves to read - A good book always makes a wonderful gift. I'm sure you know the genre that is best for your special guy, but I think "Christmas at the Vinyl Cafe" is a great choice. The funny and heartwarming stories are perfect for the holidays.

3) For the Dad who can't live without his phone - Don't let your "always needs to be connected" father end up with a dead phone. This portable charger will ensure that you can always reach your special guy when you need him.
4) For the Dad who loves to grill - If your father is the king of the grill in your neighbourhood, check out this BBQ temperature thermometer. Your gadget-loving Dad will be a grill master with this handy tool.

5) For the Dad who is always cheering on his team - If your father is a big sports fan, you can never go wrong with sports apparel. In our house, it's all hockey all the time, so I know this Auston Matthews jersey would be a big hit.

6) For the Dad who loves a sweet treat - This gift is simple to make, and couldn't be more inexpensive. Find the simple "how to" here.

7) For the Dad who cares about his grooming - If your father enjoys having every hair and whisker in place, this grooming kit would make a perfect gift. Your good looking dad will be even more handsome with the help of this multi purpose tool. 

8) For the Dad who likes to play - If your Dad is always up for a game of cards, this lovely wooden cribbage board would make a wonderful gift. I love that there is a spot for cards and pegs inside. 

9) For the Dad that is hard to buy for - If you have a "difficult to buy for" father, why not get him a gift card? He'll be guaranteed to get exactly what he wants... and it will definitely be the right size and colour. 

10) For the Dad that likes a well stocked bar - This electric wine opener combines form and function. If your father likes a nice bottle of wine, he'll love this useful gadget.

Is there something on this list that would work for the special man in your life? What's your "go to" gift for Dad?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. Great ideas! I always find it hard to think of ideas when it comes to dad gifts - might try to purchase one or two of these. :)

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