Simple Halloween DIY... using dollar store push lights

A few years ago, I created a mummy door using white streams and eyes made from card stock. Since then, I've been recreating my festive Halloween door annually... but this year, I decided to "take it up a notch". This year, I used streams of cheese cloth and glowing eyes!

For the eyes, I used "push lights" that I got at the dollar store. They are inexpensive and battery operated.

Then, I used Sharpies to transform the "push lights" into eyeballs, and I attached strong magnets to the back with hot glue.

I used tape to attach strips of cheesecloth to my front door, and then I attached the eyes. (My door is metal, so they attach easily with the magnets. If your door isn't metal, I would suggest try Command strips.)

The eyes look adorable during the day, but are even more impressive at night!

This is a seriously simple Halloween DIY. It's a small project that has a big impact... and your children and guests will be frightfully impressed!

Happy Halloween!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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