Halloween Class Treats: FANGS (with free printable tags)

My boys love taking Halloween treats to school, but nutrition and allergies are always concerns. So, each year I challenge myself to come up with a sugar-free and allergy-safe option that is easy, inexpensive and fun. This year, I found fang whistles at Walmart and I packaged them up with cute little tags. I'm sharing the details and a few "free" tag options below!
The first tags I designed using Picmonkey.com. (You can use any photo editing software, but I love Picmonkey because it's free and easy to use.) I turned my son's picture into a picture of a vampire, and I added a "Have a FANGtastic Halloween!" note. Cute, right?

I also created a generic tag that you can download for free.

To download and use the tag I designed (for free): right-click on the picture below, save it to your computer, and print it like a regular 4X6 photo.

I love the way these treats turned out, and the fact that they are allergy-friendly means that no one in the class will feel left out.

Are you planning to send Halloween treats to school this year? What are you planning to send? I have a bunch of different options on my blog, but this "FANG"tastic treat idea is one of my favourites!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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