Canada Day Ice Cream HACK

A Canada Day celebration calls for a tasty and festive treat. Today, I am sharing a simple and fun ice cream HACK that is sure to impress your family and/or party guests. 

I made two versions of "dressed up" Canada Day ice cream sandwiches, and they were both big hits with my boys. The first one uses red sugar crystals (that are normally used for decorating cookies and cakes). I poured the crystals on a plate, and then I let my boys press the edges of their ice cream sandwiches into the sprinkles.
Cute, right? It's such a fun way to transform a store-bought treat into a red and white Canada Day dessert.

I also found some red and white M&Ms at the dollar store that my boys used to make another version.

I put the M&Ms on a plate, and my boys pressed the candies into the sides of the sandwiches.

Naturally, my boys each had to try both versions... and none of them were unable to pick a favourite. I have to agree... both of these ice cream sandwiches are delicious, easy to make, and perfect for celebrating Canada Day.


Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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