BIRTHDAY LETTER to my middle son on his 9th birthday

Today my middle son turns 9, and in keeping with family tradition, I wrote him a birthday letter as a way of preserving a "snap shot" of the little details that make him so special. Here is my birthday letter to my middle son on his 9th birthday.

My Sweet Boy,

You have a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step. You have a carefree and adventurous spirit, and people are drawn to you.

You have a ton of friends, get invited to countless birthday parties, and have people shouting your name everywhere we go.

You love to play sports (ALL sports), and dad and I love to watch you play.

You love music, but you are shy to let anyone hear you sing.

You have a wonderful mind for figuring things out. You love fixing things, building with LEGO, and coding on the computer.

You are a master negotiator. You're always asking for "one more" or "just another five minutes".

You are very kind, and you love being helpful.

You love to cuddle, and you give wonderful hugs and kisses.

You are confident, strong, and stubborn... and I wouldn't change a thing about you.

I love you to the moon and back, my darling boy!




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