Birthday Letter... my baby boys turns 6

Today, my "baby boy" turns six, and in keeping with family tradition, I wrote him a birthday letter as a way of remembering a few of the little details that make him so special.  Here is my birthday letter to my youngest son on his 6th birthday.

To my sweet "baby" boy:

This was a big year for you, as you started "big school".  It was a tough transition (for both us), but I am so proud of how far you came this year.  You battled through your anxiety, you made lots of friends, and you excelled academically.  I know you will continue to thrive as you enter Grade One (after we have a fantastic, fun-filled summer together).

On your 6th birthday, I want you to know that I am very proud to be your mom, and here are some of the reasons you are such a special little boy:
  • You have a sweet smile, a gentle spirit, and adorable dimples.
  • You love to crawl in bed with me for a "morning cuddle"... and I love it too!
  • You have a fantastic time playing sports with your brothers, and you want to be a hockey player when you grow up.
  • You love to eat crackers... especially while sitting on the couch watching "Jake and the Neverland Pirates".
  • You are getting very grown up... but you still say "bees" instead of "because".  I am guessing this cute habit won't last much longer, so I will enjoy it while I can.
  • Your favorite color is green, and your favorite food is white cake with white icing.
  • You stick your tongue out when you are concentrating.
  • You can be shy and anxious in new situations and around people you don't know, but you are really starting to come out of your shell.  I think starting school has helped you gain confidence.
  • You still love to snuggle up and read stories... and now you are able to read to me. You love to read, and you are getting very good at it.
  • You have a wonderful sense of humour, and you enjoy making Daddy, your brothers and I laugh.
I love you to the moon and back my darling angel, and I hope you have a fun time at your "Carnival" birthday party.

Lots of love,



  1. I really like your idea of receiving blankets around the outside. I forget what I covered my outside with but I don't think it was blankets. I am with you when I saw the price tags on-line I KNEW I could do it just as well. Yours is so cute....good job.

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