Spy Party {pom pom target practice}

I am currently planning a DIY Spy Party for my middle son's 7th birthday. Given that he and his friends will be training to be spies, I knew I needed some sort of target practice, but I didn't want to give all the kids guns, so... I thought it would be fun to make some pool noodle pom pom shooters. I got the idea for a pool noodle pom pom shooter from FSPDT.  (You should totally check out her version if you get a chance.)

For our version, I used black balloons and "moustache/secret disguise" duck tape.  Cute, right?  I love how easy and inexpensive these were to make.  Here's all you need to do:

1)  Use a serrated bread knife to cut a pool noodle into short pieces.  I made mine slightly taller than the width of the duck tape.

2)  Cut the top off a balloon with a pair of scissors.

3)  Place the balloon onto the pool noodle, and tie the top into a knot.

4)  Secure the balloon to the pool noodle with duck tape.

These are perfect for my son's spy party, but they would be fun any time.  My boys have been playing with them ever since I made them.  Trust me... they will keep your little ones entertained for hours!

Do you have a little one that would like these pool noodle pom pom shooters?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. We set out the supplies for this at our youngest two sons (1 and 3) birthday party yesterday. The guests 7-10 really enjoyed making them; they started taping two or three together. We had pom poms flying everywhere! I read this post when you wrote it and bought my pool noodle in August for a January party, thanks for the idea.

  2. I'm sorry what are poms poms

    1. They are small fluffy craft items. You can get them at any discount or craft store and they come in all sorts of colors and sizes. If your not sure what your looking for when you get there, ask someone in the department and they can take you to them.

  3. I'm sorry what are poms poms

  4. would they be strong enough to shoot out jelly beans? Thank you :-)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing!! What a GREAT idea! I put my own twist on them though, for a Nerf themed party! You guessed it! Little tiny dart blasters for all the kids to take home! Orange and blue pool noodles, duct tape and balloons with standard "Nerf" darts. I can't wait to see these littles faces and how much fun they will have!

  6. I think I’m confused as well, so your filling the pool noodle with those little cotton pom poms? It doesn’t say that anywhere in the direction just the noodle and balloon and tape-I assumes the noodle was flying out but then how could it since it’s taped-love this idea for prizes at our upcoming party just trying to figure out how to do it lol.


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