10 {Easy} DIY Backyard Water Park Ideas

"Create a simple backyard waterpark" is on our Summer Checklist this year.  So, last week when the temperature rose, I put together some fun water-based activities for my boys.

Want to set up your own backyard water park?  Here are 10 simple ideas that are sure to please:

1)  Turn on the Sprinkler - It's simple, fun, and easy.  What's not to like?

2)  Get some Spray Bottles - Pick up some spray bottles at the dollar store, and fill them with water.  They are the perfect weapon for a water fight and a great way to cool off.

3)  Set up a Little Pool - Small pools are pretty cheap and lots of fun.  They also make a great "refilling station" for the other water activities.

4)  Fill a bucket with Sponges - The dollar stores sells big bags of sponges .  Put them in a bucket full of water, and you have an instant "car wash" station.  They are also great for water fights.

5)  Play with Ice - Freeze some small toys in ice, and let the kids try to get them out.  Experiment with tools, cold water, and warm water.

6)  Paint with Water - Grab some paint brushes and a bucket of water, and let your little artists get to work.  Painting without the mess!

7)  Water gun Target Practice - Use some duct tape to make an "X" on a pizza pan.  Hang it up to create a perfect water gun target.

8)  Have some fun with Water Balloons - Fill a bowl with water balloons for some "cool" games of "catch".

9)  Set up a Bubble Station - Who doesn't love blowing bubbles?  You can find a simple recipe for homemade bubbles here.

10) Make a Special Snack - Something cold on a warm day is always a special treat.  We made some homemade ginger cookies and added a scoop of chocolate ice cream to create a delicious ice cream sandwich.  Yum!

I love it when you can put a lot of simple elements together to make something really special, don't you?  

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. LOVING these ideas! THANKS!

  2. Such a fantastic list. I have two little girls and they will love these. We've already done some of them but the sponges and spray bottles are brilliant and will be winners with my girls. =)

    1. The water fight with the sponges was definitely a big hit here... especially with my older boys. Definitely worth the dollar I paid for them! lol

  3. LOVE this! With all the gorgeous weather we're having in the UK (makes such a change!) this would be ideal for the kids (and not so kids!!)

    Thanks for sharing this at #FlashbackFriday

  4. Hi! Found you on The Wondering Brain blog hop. Love these ideas. My 20 month loves playing with water so I will have to try some of these with her. Thanks for sharing! Now following via Bloglovin'
    ~Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

  5. These are some great ideas! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  6. Great ideas! I'm pinning this to my Summer board and next time I'm searching for a fun water game, I'll know right where to look. Thanks for sharing!

  7. loads of fun ideas, thanks for sharing! do you have a recipe for those awesome looking ginger cookies?

  8. Need to add in a homemade slip n slide! We had a 100 ft one set up last year. The kids loved it along with the adults!

    1. How did you make it? I have seen a bunch on Pinterest from plastic sheeting and tarps. Did you add soap? I am worried that it might kill the grass. I killed a big patch of grass with a bubble station a couple of years ago, so now I am a bit wary! lol


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