{Snow Day} Fun!

We have yet to have an official "Snow Day", but we have still managed to have some snowy winter fun.  Check out these simple and inexpensive winter activities you can do with kids.

Snowflake Pancakes - To make these adorable pancakes:  Make some pancake batter, and color half of it blue.  Then, use a cookie cutter to cut out a snowflake shapes, and switch the pancake centers.  It is really simple, and your little ones will definitely be impressed. 

Snow Painting... and a Fun Way to Warm Up - Put a little food coloring and water into spray bottles, and set your little artists to work on the freshly fallen snow canvas.  Then, when it is time to come in and warm up, stick some glow sticks in a nice warm bath.  Your little ones will thank you.

Snowflake Book Page Banner - It's always fun to have decor to fit the season, especially when it is handmade.  This snowflake banner is so cute that it will make your little crafters beam with pride.  {Click on the link for the full step by step tutorial.}

Toilet Roll Snowman - This adorable snowman craft is a perfect indoor activity on a stormy afternoon.  {Click on the link for the full step by step tutorial.}

Snowman Kisses - This tiny box is just big enough for one Hershey's Kiss.  Isn't this a great little treat for someone special?  {Click on the link for a free printable box.}

These are a few of our favorite winter activities.  What are some of yours?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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