ECM Kids' Craft Club - #11 {Valentine's Day Crafts}

Welcome to the 11th edition of the {East Coast Mommy} Kids' Craft Club {an easy and inexpensive way for kids to have fun crafting and to experience the excitement of getting their very own mail}.  If you want to join the club, you can find more info here.  For everyone who is already a member... this month, we are making two great crafts that are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Are your supplies ready?

OK.  Let's start by making your Valentine flower...

1)  Glue the pink heart "petals" onto the green popsicle stick to make a flower.
2)  Glue the green heart "leaves" onto the green popsicle stick.
3)  Glue a button into the centre of the flower.

Next, let's make a Valentine for someone special...

1)  Glue the googly eye and heart onto the front of the Valentine.  Then, add a "U" and the name of he person you are going to give it to.
2)  Draw a special picture or write a special message on the inside.

I hope you enjoyed making this craft and that you have a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  {Don't forget to leave me a comment, or send me an email.  Your comments help me to improve the club, and I love hearing from you.} 

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

Remember... Assist young children when using scissors, and be careful of the small parts included with this kit, as they can be a choking hazard for children under three

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  1. I recently found your blog. The flower craft is perfect for my moms club. At our monthly meetings I'm in charge of keeping the kids busy with a craft... Love to do this next month.


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