Happy Birthday {Letter} to my 7 Year Old

I can't believe that I have been a mother for 7 years.  How is it possible that it seems like yesterday, and yet I can barely remember my life before?

Each year, I write my boys letters on their birthdays, and I hope to make them into books when they are older.  Here is my letter to my oldest son on his 7th birthday:

Dear Cameron,

Whenever I think of you, the word "angel" always comes to mind.  You are such a special boy, and you have such a kind heart.  Here are just a few of the things that make you such a fantastic 7 year old.
  • You are a great big brother.  Little brothers can sometimes be a pain, but you are patient and kind with them, and they love you very much.
  • You are losing lots of baby teeth now, and your toothless grin is very cute.
  • You are developing a great sense of humour, and you are always laughing at the crazy antics of your little brothers.
  • You always try your best, and you are determined to succeed when you are trying something new.  This summer, you learned to ride a two wheeler, and you were very proud.
  • You love to draw, read and write stories.  You are very creative, and you want to be an Actor {in movies} when you grow up.
  • You love pancakes, cookies, pizza, and peanut butter sandwiches.
  • Your favorite sport is hockey, and you never complain about hockey practice... even when it is early in the morning.  {You even sleep with two hockey player "stuffies".}
  • You still let me kiss and hug you when I drop you off at school, but you are starting to check to see if anyone is around before you kiss me back.  :-(
  • You love Star Wars and never get tired of playing "Jedi" with your brothers.
  • You have lots of great friends, and I am not surprised because you are an awesome kid!
Happy Birthday, my sweet angel!  You may be seven, but you will always be my first baby.

Lots of Love,

Mommy  xoxo

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  1. This is so sweet, Gina! I will definitely start doing this for my son.


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