Cereal Box Notebook

My boys love to draw pictures and write stories, so I thought I would make them some special books from an old cereal boxes.  {Another fun "recycling bin rescue".}

This is such an easy project -- you can whip up a bunch of notebooks in no time at all. 

First, cut covers for the book from the front and back of a cereal box.

Then, using a paper cutter {or scissors}, cut some scrap paper to fit inside the book.

Then, use a whole punch to cut holes in the pages and the covers.

And finally, use key rings to secure everything in place.

Now you are ready to let your little ones fill the pages with fantastic stories.  My six year old used his notebook to write a story about "a little girl with purple hair who tries to eat only red food in order to turn her hair red".  Don't you just love how creative little ones can be?  I wish I had that kind of imagination!  :-)

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. My kids love stickers, maybe inserting a sticker page for them in the beginning.

    1. Great idea! I also thought it would be fun to flip the cereal boxes over so that the covers were blank on the outside. That would allow the kids to design their own book cover. So much fun!


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