No Sew Reading Tent

I LOVE encouraging the kids to read, so one of the things on our summer checklist was to "read a book outside".  I thought it would make it extra fun for the boys if I made them a special "reading" tent.  It wasn't fancy, but they had a great time.  :-)

I wanted it to be simple, so I came up with this "no sew" tent using:
        • a hoola hoop
        • an old sheet
        • a beach towel
        • a few binder clips
        • some twine
Here is how you can make your own tent:

1)  Separate the hoop at the seam.  This will allow you to slip the sheet onto the hoop.  (The best part about a sheet is that there is already a built in seam at the top.  Check out the pictures if you don't know what I am talking about.  :-)

2)  Reattach the ends of the hoop together, and secure with tape.

3)  Cut four tiny holes in the sheet which will allow you to tie twine around the hoop (to create an "x").  (Again... it will make more sense when you look at the pictures below.)

4)  Attach another piece of twine where the original twine pieces cross.  This is what you will use to attach the tent to a tree branch.

5)  Take a towel and wrap it around the top of the hoopla hoop.  Secure it with binder clips.  (See?  I told you there was no sewing!)

6)  Hang it from a tree, and let your children enjoy it.  My boys LOVED it, and it only took me about 15 minutes to gather the supplies and put it together!

Here are a couple of pictures of them enjoying their new "Reading Tent".  

How do you encourage your children to read during the summer?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. What a wonderful idea, I love this, what a wonderful way to make a reading area!! ~April

  2. What a creative way of making a reading tent! I have been thinking about purchasing a reading tent for our children for the last year since I see them everywhere but have stayed away from actually purchasing one since they seem to run $100 each (give or take). Fantastic tutorial and idea, thank you!

    1. Thanks! I have had a request for a bigger tent this year. I think I will use a bigger hoola hoop and two sheets. :-)


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