Top 10 LEGOLAND Tips

My family and I just returned from a fantastic vacation in Florida. As part of our trip, we visited LEGOLAND for the first time, and today I am sharing my top 10 tips for a fun-filled day at LEGOLAND.

1)  Know what you are getting - LEGOLAND is not a Disney Park, but it is A LOT of fun, and my boys LOVED it.  If you have little ones between the ages of 4 and 10 (that like LEGO), you will NOT be disappointed by this park.

2)  Look for discounted tickets - If you plan ahead, you can get real discounts to LEGOLAND.  I purchased our tickets online at Costco, but you can also save by "picking a day" and ordering from the LEGOLAND website.  I also saw some "buy an adult ticket and get a child admission for free" offers online.

3)  Be aware of height restrictions - My tall four year old was able to ride most of the attractions at this park, but you should check ride requirements prior to visiting the park to avoid disappointment.

4)  Check the weather - Be aware that most of the rides and attractions at this park are outdoors. If there is rain, many rides and attractions will shut down, so plan accordingly.

5)  Buy a fun souvenir - They have fantastic LEGO souvenirs at this park.  My favorite was a "build your own mini figure" Christmas ornament that was only $5.99.  My boys will love hanging this on our Christmas tree.

6)  Start at the back of the park - Arrive early, and start at the back of the park (where the roller coasters are) in order to avoid line ups.

7)  Make a plan - There is a water skiing show, character meet and greets, a 4D movie, and other events that occur at specific times.  You should work these into your schedule if you don't want to miss them.

8)  Be prepared - Every trip to a park is better if you are prepared.  Make sure to pack everything you will need for the day.  We took a stroller, backpack, water, sandwiches, snacks, sunglasses, sun hats, sweaters, sneakers, sunscreen, and our camera.

9)  Dress for success - Before we went to the park, I purchased my boys $7 LEGO shirts from Walmart.  The shirts added to the excitement of the day, and my boys looked super-cute in the pictures.

10)  Bring LEGO mini-figures to trade - All the workers have LEGO mini-figures on their vests/name tags that they will trade with the park guests.  My boys loved trading their mini figures.

Have you ever been to LEGOLAND?  What tips would you offer to someone that has never been there?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

Disclosure: I received two free tickets in exchange for my honest review of this park. As always, the opinions on this blog are 100% my own.


  1. We went this for the first time, my kids loved it. We only saw one staff member trading minifigs and she only had one kind :\ But my kids still describe it as "the best day of their life!" :) They are 4 and 6 and the perfect age for this park (we didn't do Disney as we have a baby too). My advice would be to:
    - buy a bucket of popcorn from the popcorn vendor. Refills are free, and the bucket made a great little keepsake to bring home.
    - in the LEGO shops, you can pick up a copy of the LEGO magazine and send in a postcard to receive a free subscription. There are also coupons inside the magazine for free admission to any LEGOLAND park, which we were able to give to friends.
    - be sure to check out the "Fill a bag" bulk LEGO bins. Lots of treasures to be found!
    - eat before you go in - at the Florida park there's a Red Robin literally right outside the park entrance. Cheaper and nicer than eating in the park.

    1. That's too bad about the LEGO figures. Every person working a ride had them on their name tags when we were there... and then we found a guy with a vest full. :-)

      Love your tips. I subscribed to the magazine online, and my 6 year old loves it.

    2. We just got back from there about 2 weeks ago (1st week in May 2014), and it was hard for us to find employees to trade mini-figures with also. :/ We did find one little stand set up, and they had about 1/2 dozen to choose from, so my kids got to trade once, but that was it. We asked one employee about it, and she said they could no longer trade the ones on their name tags.

    3. That's too bad. My boys were able to trade with the ones on their name tags. Maybe they will change that rule, because it is a really fun party of the visit.

  2. We went in June 2012 and are planning again this's all my boys want to do in Florida! I was wondering how busy the new Chima section was when you were there?? When we went, we beelined to the Ford Drving School and avoided any wait times at all. The Chima really interests them this year but it's wet, right?, so probably better for later in the day when hotter. We found the food great, albeit hot dogs and paninis at the time as that's what we were closest to - Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs (my son's name is Nathan so we had to try these, lol) and the second day, we were in the Imagination zone and noticed the grilled ham n cheese Panini kids' meals with water and apples for $6 or something so price wasn't too bad either...overall, it was a great 2 days and hoping it's the same when we go this time.

    1. The water park wasn't open when we were there, but we loved the rest of the park. Sounds like you had a fantastic time too! We will definitely be heading back on our next trip to Florida.

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