Painted Rocks Ideas

One of the things on our summer checklist this year is "Paint Rocks".  So, a couple of days ago, my aunt collected some rocks at her cottage, and the boys "got to work".

We laid out the rocks and acrylic paints, and the kids started painting based on the shape of the rock.  It was so much fun!  We ended up with penguins, a tic tac toe game, a lady bug, an alligator, a bunch of hearts, paintings of scenery, dominoes, and a couple of caterpillars.

We plan on keeping our creations outside, so after they were dry, I sprayed them with some Acrylic Crystal Clear Indoor/Outdoor paint.

Have you ever let your little ones paint rocks?  What kind of designs did they come up with?  The penguins were definitely my favorites.  :-)

Cute, right?

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS (Check out the adorable Minion rocks my nephews painted. Great job, boys!)

And these are fun too!


  1. Very cute. The alligator is pretty special.

  2. Hey, thanks for posting this. I am sure this will be helpful to a lot of people. Keep it up. Cheers !!


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