7 Ways to Make Family Movie Night Special

At the end of every week, my family gathers together to enjoy one of our favorite family traditions – Friday Night Family Movie Night.  Does your family enjoy movie nights?  Here are 7 simple ideas that can help make movie nights a little more special.

1)  Make movie night a tradition by having it on the same night every week.

2)  Pair it with a favorite meal.  (We always have pancakes for supper on movie night, but Pizza Friday would be fun too.)

3)  Pick a good family movie... one that everyone will enjoy.  If consensus is difficult, let the kids take turns making the selection.

4)  Use special dishes.  (I have popcorn bowls from the dollar store that we only use on movie nights.)

5)  Set the scene with a special sign or two.  We have a “Movie Snacks” sign and a “Now Playing” sign that we use every week.

6)  Get comfy.  PJs are the perfect attire for family movie night, and it makes the transition to bedtime (after the movie) easier.

7)  Have movie snacks.  Popcorn is always a good choice, but pick whatever your family enjoys.

It’s also fun to “mix it up” some weeks by adding something special.  E.g. Choose a fun theme, have an outdoor screening, make a craft to go along with the movie, or bake a special treat.

Implementing some (or all) of these suggestions will add to the fun, but the most important part of family movie night is sitting down together as a family.  Years from now, the kids won’t remember what movies they watched or the snacks they ate, but they will remember the time spent together cuddled up on the couch.
Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. What a great idea. As my boys get older I can see us doing this! Thanks for stopping by to share today:-)

  2. Fun ideas! I've been looking into getting a huge screen for the whole neighborhood to watch! I just wanted to say Thank You for linking up on ShareAtopia! If you'd like a featured button for your blog, you can get one here: http://shareatopia.com/about Thanks again, and I love to have you link up anytime!


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